Fantasy Tac#TicsToe

Hello everybody,

New developer Good ol' Boy Games with a demo build of our core mechanics.
Fantasy Tac#TicsToe adds simple, new rules and mechanics to the core tic-tac-toe game which results in increased strategy and tactics.  

We are looking for quality feedback on the base design and look forward to correspondence with people interested in fantasy match3 games similar to Puzzle Quest and others like that.

Development is ongoing, currently extending the game with interesting story progression, numerous characters, contrasting environments and beautiful FX. 

All of the content shown in the demo is placeholder art, and will be greatly improved over the course of development.
This is our first game as designers, although I've worked on several steam releases as an animator/3D artist.

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions you may have on the build.
Note: On win screen - frame is incorrectly offset. Already fixed in the latest build.


FTtT_Alpha016Exe.exe 17 MB
May 24, 2017

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